War Mongers Crash The G20 Summit

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We have been forecasting a kind of public confrontation, because some of the game plans by the policy makers are predictable in their scripted institutional control meme. See the 5 eyes…
The unfolding collapse, prior to what is certain to be a future international emergency summit, that will be used to justify the full implementation of the latest modification to the international monetary system.
However, at this current G20 summit, I can imagine an attempt to use the Ukraine crisis to bull-rush the media to focus G20 reports on the Ukraine conflict and away from the currency and monetary policies that has international support removing the U.S. Dollar status as the international reserve currency for trade. Thus we should focus on what China, Argentina and other nations share about monetary policy rather than the Ukraine tragedy. ~Ron


Stage Set for Confrontation, Not Cooperation, at G20

In a joint press…

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2 Responses to “War Mongers Crash The G20 Summit”

  1. Confrontations are indeed taking firm hold as the plan for “currency reset” in the IMF and international monetary policy shifts control from WEST to EAST with conflicts and emergencies readied to cement the institutional justifications for enforcing the new policies and broad powers…

    Dig deep into their taxation system and IMF quota reforms:

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