An exercise in the Socratic method & the Positive Timeline: Is Putin a Saviour or Deceiver and Why does it matter? by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Interesting take on things. Thanks!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

PROPOSITION FOR OPEN DISCUSSION: The working hypothesis is to see if Putin is the 3rd Antichrist predicted by Nostradamus who predicted Napoleon as the 2nd Antichrist.  The definition of “Antichrist” is very loose.  It could also be “Antechrist or predecessor of Christ. The archetype seems to be the “Militaristic Conquerer Reformer” i.e. a modern-day Napoleon

WHY DOES IT MATTER? In 2008 Obama was seen as a Saviour to many, now he is playing the Universal Deceiver/Loser…to Putin’s Universal Saviour. However this may be a dialectic if Obama is a long-term Russian Project to bring down and destroy the American Republic, for which there is ample evidence (below). In this sense, Putin (the Saviour) is Obama/Loser’s Handler under the Long-term Russian project to bring down America.

Hence Putin (not Obama) may be Nostradamus 3rd Antichrist.

WHAT ABOUT THE POSITIVE TIMELINE? The equation of the Positive Future is Positive Future = Positive…

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6 Responses to “An exercise in the Socratic method & the Positive Timeline: Is Putin a Saviour or Deceiver and Why does it matter? by Alfred Lambremont Webre”

  1. Is that blog post enough for you to reach a conclusion?

    As you are aware I have shared my conclusion often:
    that the solutions are NOT coming from the institutions (the BIS, IMF, BRICS, APEC, G20, U.S., Russia, China, and others).

    Until you can identify
    1. the sincere call to abolish fractional reserve banking
    2. respecting and nurturing personal sovereignty

    No fundamental changes are underway.

    Rearranging the leadership chairs (from West to East) is underway under the disguise of reform and to address the global banking emergency that is coming…
    Putin, China, and the emerging nations are all calling for “multipolar” control system, which is not a solution to the unipolar control system.

    Abolishing the control system is required.
    A new boss(es) of a reformed control system is not a solution.

    • Conclusion? No, it’s but another crumb from the cake.

      I agree with you on what we need to identify, before this is all over for humanity. I just thought that I would share a piece that was different from my original view, that Russia is balancing things out in the world.

      • Ignoring the nation states and their corporate financial masters would be more fun.

        Unfortunately, that may happen only after their collapse…

        Some people could argue America once played that “White Hat” balancing things out public role during WWII, and that Russia is in the 21st century version of that public role may be happening now, but hopefully Aware People are able to see through that USDollar-BRICS multipolar deception.
        Avoiding the WWIII template to further the next international monetary system (Bretton Woods 2.0) is a challenge that can be met by mass awareness.

        NOT ONE member is calling for an end to the fractional reserve banking system.
        That ponzi economy root is very important in the control system.

        • Agreed! Do you think it’s possible that all their plans are going according to what’s been laid out, but…. perhaps off-worlders are stopping the World War III part of the plan?

          I see the war machine being thwarted on a large scale pretty consistently over the years, especially in regards to nuclear weapons. It’s possible, no?

          I just think they would have started it already, if they could have. And they’ve tried as we’ve seen!

  2. Multiplicity…

    Too many secrets, parts and players for a short answer.
    Indeed their war campaign has not gone according to plan.
    The ruling elite are certainly facing more than a single opposition and obstacle, some of which is within their own families and organizations (royal bloodline off-worlders, perhaps).
    They also are seeing more opposition rise as the global awareness spreads, yet they will follow their scripts and weaponized tools until the end. Because their life purpose is for control, they have psychopathic needs; that is my working hypothesis until contrary evidence is presented.
    They need a war to justify some key parts of their new policies and to play power groups against one another…

    Vladimir Putin’s popularity rise is because he is seen standing against the war mongers from the White House, in a complex role-play that would not have worked so easily to give energy concessions to China, Russia is truly losing millions of Rubles in agreements with China and without the war threat and economic sanctions that would have not happened with their traditional adversary.

    This is already a world war, but most people fail to see it as such, as long as the three most wealthy nations are not calling it a world war, and are not militarily firing on each other.
    This a 21st century (different kind of) world war.
    I wish for it to De-escalate and end, but the longer it persists without a conclusion it can easily escalate to the old 20th century type of world war.

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