Melissa Francis: When I Worked At CNBC They Stopped Me From Telling The Truth About Obamacare

Nwo Report

Source: Jeff Dunetz | Truth Revolt |

During her Friday program on the Fox Business Network, Melissa Francis made a truly scandalous revelation: “When I was at CNBC, I pointed out to my viewers that the math of Obamacare simply didn’t work. Not the politics by the way; just the basic math. And when I did that, I was silenced.”

Francis began her program with two of the recent Jonathan Gruber videos in which he admits that when he helped craft Obamacare, he picked verbiage that would fool “stupid” Americans. Francis, who has a degree in economics from Harvard, followed the clip with her account of being taken out to the woodshed at CNBC after explaining that the basic math of Obamacare didn’t make sense.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Jonathan Gruber telling you that the architects of Obamacare think that you’re stupid and most importantly, they are absolutely counting on…

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