Psycho Deputy Coerces Car Search By Smacking Victim and Taking Keys


Source: Activist Post, by Amanda Warren

A video taken of a Saratoga County, NY Sheriff’s deputy has gone viral after inciting anger from area residents and Internet patrons alike. The video footage taken made it impossible for the Saratoga’s Sheriff Office to ignore. An unnamed Halfmoon resident is pulled over. He and the friend recording the incident are standing outside. The deputy attempts to coerce a car search saying things like, “Then it shouldn’t be an issue for us to look…” and later “let me see your f—ing keys – you wanna f—ing resist?” (Resist what? Assault?)

Deputy Shawn Glans attempts to use the following, as though it’s some sort of threat: “We’ll get a f—ing search warrant – all right? You wanna do that? Okay let’s get a search warrant…” But the deputy won’t go get the warrant. Instead, he charges at the young man and whacks him (allegedly)…

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