Banksters Could Face Justice in Switzerland*

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Banksters Could Face Justice in Switzerland*

Before imprisonment, how about paying back every penny they have swindled to those they have swindled….

By Lianna Brinded

Switzerland has launched a criminal investigation into several bankers that are allegedly involved in the manipulation of the currency markets.

The Swiss prosecutor confirmed in a statement that it is honing in on several traders that are said to have attempted to rig foreign exchange rates as well as colluding with other bankers at different institutions to benefit their financial positions.

However, the agency did not confirm how many people they were looking and at what banks are involved in the probe.

The public prosecutor said the investigation stems from claims of “unfaithful financial management” and “violation of professional secrecy”, both of which are punishable with a fine or up to five years or three years in prison, respectively.

On 13 November, the FCA…

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