VIDEO Border Patrol Smashes Their Way Into Vehicle As Man Refuses To Comply With Internal Checkpoint

Reclaim Our Republic

Agent barks: “It’s not intimidation, it’s the law.”
Nov 11, 2014 by Steve Watson

A man in Texas was dragged from his vehicle by border patrol agents who smashed through his window after he refused to answer their questions at a checkpoint more than 50 miles away from the Southern border.

“I am pretty sure my rights were infringed upon at the Hwy 281 Border Patrol Checkpoint just south of Falfurrias, Texas,” Thomas Sauer wrote on his YouTube Channel, following the incident during which he was arrested and held at the facility.

During the exchange, captured on Sauer’s cell phone, six Border Patrol agents are seen gathering around his truck threatening to smash their way in as he refuses to entertain questions over whether he is an American citizen.

(The exchange with the agents begins at around 6 mins into the video)

Sauer repeatedly tells the lead agent “I haven’t…

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