Catalan: People Cast Vote To Leave Spanish Government

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Threats and coercion may have frightened off the politicians in Catalonia, yet the People living in Catalonia voted in what is now claimed to be a non-binding poll for independence, rather than a secession referendum for independence.
Some media reported: “Regional authorities said 2.3 million Catalans had voted, with 80 percent opting to break away.”
Clearly, Spain’s, and the E.U. governments, are not successful in presenting their form of controls as beneficial to the Catalans, and support for the E.U. is nonexistent in Catalonia. Read More at
Will Spain or Brussels use martial law and tanks next? ~Ron

Speaking in London, British Prime Minister David Cameron said “we want Spain to stay united, to stay together.”


After Spain’s High Court ruled the independence referendum proposed by Catalan leader Artur Mas unconstitutional last month, the Madrid government has also issued a ban on the informal poll…

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One Response to “Catalan: People Cast Vote To Leave Spanish Government”

  1. I do not have a complete grasp of the issues and sentiment in Catalan, Spain; however I see an obvious rift firming up toward confrontation with the militant rhetoric from Spain’s federal officials.
    They threatened Artur Mas who afterwards backed down from calling for secession.
    They threatened citizens to not vote for independence and some reports state that some people did not vote, which may indicate even greater support for independence than the official count…

    Regardless, many Catalans are not afraid and future elections and rallies will be telling an important story.
    Distrust in the E.U. and the politicians that support the E.U. are targeted as untrustworthy by the voters.

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