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Satu Insan - Malaysia


Internet hacktivists hold global ‘hackathon’ in honor of Aaron Swartz’s birthday

“FACT: Aaron did not hack into any of MIT’s computers. The CFAA 
requires that a person gain access to a computer that they weren’t
authorized to access. Aaron was obviously authorized to access 
his own laptop,” it notes, adding that Aaron wasn’t even violating
JSTOR’s Terms of Service at the time. "JSTOR and MIT had contractual
agreements allowing unlimited downloads to any computers 
on MITs network."


Online hacktivists are holding a “hackathon” spanning two days to honor the would-have-been birthday of dead computer programmer and hacktivist Aaron Swartz.

The hackathon will be a global phenomenon, spanning 11 cities including Berlin, Boston, New York, Buenos Aires and Oxford, according to its affiliated website. However, its main location will be in San Francisco where programmers, developers, artists, researchers, and activists gather together, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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