The International Bestselling Novel On Sale In English For the first time: NUREMBERG TRIALS NEEDED IN THE U.S. NOW!

In my opinion, there will be a 2nd Revolution, before the gun loving American blood will ever let the country get totally taken over. I just wonder what will spark it, but hope that it gets solved in a nonviolent manner. We’ll see…

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Dick (Anakin) Cheney as Darth Vader unmasked!

[This post is entirely imaginative, and an art of fiction. Art copies reality… Laughter is encouraged]

I look at the instability and conflict killings in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine and I ask could that happen in the USA?
The answer is yes.

As a senior American I have witnessed the descending political patterns with increased money in campaigns over the decades.
This is not meant to flog the distinctions of one political party versus the other.
Both political parties are captured on a Liberty & Justice destroying agenda, but the minor difference lies in the voters.
Some party supporters have more passion for peace and rival party supporters have more pent up anger needing expression, usually clothed in policy enforcer, or security and defense of the nation.

After Corporate Funded Elections: One Party Rule Amerika.
Having read all…

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3 Responses to “The International Bestselling Novel On Sale In English For the first time: NUREMBERG TRIALS NEEDED IN THE U.S. NOW!”

  1. With the massive inflow of wall street campaign bribes-err-“contributions, the republicans are expected to control all branches and then the 2016 presidency (Jeb Bush?), unless a 3rd party unknown rises with grassroots…
    in that scenario I definitely see a fully declared war, the first one since WWII.

    You ask what will spark blood in the USA?
    The next war will need the military draft, (the use of migrants and illegal aliens as well), when government discover they lost all support the martial law warrantless arrests could begin as dissidents and activists would be falsely accused as terrorists…

    It is a ugly and dark possibility, which is why I wish for the Nuremberg tribunals to begin.

    • I agree, but I am trying to stay positive about the outcome. I’m trying to trust the White Knights behind the scene to succeed in their unraveling of the control structure from within, much like how it was taken over.

      I’m hearing a lot of talk about paper ballets in the following elections. Hillary’s crimes are going to come out, much like they have already and I don’t believe people will tolerate another Bush in the White House again.

      I don’t think the Cabal has the horses for a World War against the BRIC’s. I see a brighter future in 2016, let’s hope I’m right.

  2. 1 Party = Authoritarian RULE
    No surprise, All of Congress is now controlled by neo-conservative republicans (true, not all repubs are neocons).
    The Supreme court belongs to them too!
    Next in their corporate funded political campaigns will be the 2016 republican President (it does not matter if it is not JEB BUSH).
    As real grassroots opposition has mounted against Zionist-Israel and AIPAC the Zionist will put their real friend in the Presidential office… That is why I see violence down that path.

    How can American grassroots elect a independent President and does it “Really” matter? [A truly independent President would be assassinated or paralyzed with insurmountable political/bureaucratic opposition]
    The American political machine is controlled and I do not see that changing (I want to be proven wrong), before the next election.

    My wish is to see Massive boycotts and worker-strikes with work stoppage that reveals the true collective free will of the People.
    That kind of show of peaceful-force that halts the flow of capital is the greatest tool against the elite money masters and their puppet politicians.

    Even that peaceful act of noncompliance will be met with state sponsored terror…
    The elite have very few tools, thus they always fall back on their bullying, murderous, obedient, best armed, licensed to kill, mercenaries.
    Sadly many of the mercenaries do not even know they are mercenaries…

    But, All is not completely lost (I am not a pessimist).
    The fact that the elite money master’s agenda is a destructive agenda will be revealed to all voters and non-voters alike.
    The republicans’ victory euphoria will evaporate as the truth sets in that they have no support from the citizens, they merely were the repudiation of the wrong direction the government is on.
    The support for poverty, wars, destruction, terror, weaponized foods & viruses is nonexistent.

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