GCHQ Sent Undercover Spook to Climate Summits to Gain Upper Hand in Negotiations




An undercover employee of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) was embedded in the British delegation when world leaders assembled at the 2010 UN Climate Change Summit in Cancún, Mexico. The task of the so-called Government Communications Officer was to provide a human link between the UK’s Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) organisation and its government “customers”. It is by means of such liaisons that intelligence about the negotiation strategies of other countries, intercepted by GCHQ by hacking into computers or secretly collected from fiber optical cables, reach the right politicians and officials at the right time. The goal: to ensure the upper hand in negotiations by knowing the positions of their opponents.

The presence of a GCHQ employee in the British delegation is described in a 23-page PowerPoint presentation titled “Supporting HMG’s (Her Majesty’s Government) Climate Change Ambitions,” which Dagbladet Information publishes today. It is part of a number…

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