This Is What “Practicing What You Preach” & “Being The Change” Really Means

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?Be the change you want to see in the world.? A  coined statement given to us by Mahatma Ghandi. A statement that resonates with so many people today as the world continues to ?wake up? to new information about multiple discoveries that are shifting the perception of the masses with regards to what?s really happening on the planet , and how we can change it.

As a result of humanity identifying various problems that our planet is currently facing, a number of solutions have been presented, yet most continually fail to be implemented. As we?ve seen throughout human history, these things do take time. Today, new technologies have been developed that could replace fossil fuels, whether it be solar powered, zero point energy or something else. Hemp could be used to manufacture bottles, paper and thousands of other ?necessities? that could be made without destroying the planet and destroying…

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