Looking For A Good Ayahuasca Retreat? 8 Reasons To Choose ‘The Way Inn Lodge’, Peru

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With a whole slew of ayahuasca retreats cropping up all over South America these days, it can be tough to decide on a good place to go with. After doing some research online, I found The Way Inn Lodge, in Huaraz, Peru, which seemed very promising to me. Over the last year, I ended up attending two retreats there, where I met incredible people and had the most profound experiences of my life. In my opinion, and from what I’ve researched and heard from others on their experiences at other retreats, it is one of the best ayahuasca organizations out there today. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. The Ayahuasca medicine used there is pure and safe

Many people may not be aware that there are a few types of ayahuasca ? some of which it would be advisable to stay away from. Each ayahuasca retreat organization is touting…

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