Canada’s Heart of Darkness. Democracy and Civility Foregone?

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Once upon a time, Canada was able to create  the illusion that it was the “peaceable kingdom”, an illusion accepted domestically and arguably by most of the rest of the world.  This history has  been well discredited with newer historical?

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2 Responses to “Canada’s Heart of Darkness. Democracy and Civility Foregone?”

  1. Yeah, being glued and stitched with the international monetary system is sworn loyalty to the demon of destruction.
    The facades are falling from the 5 eyes governments, then the rest of the sycophantic nations among the international community will also be exposed…

    Interesting, I never heard about this:
    “Much if not all of this is due to Canada’s (neo)Conservative government under Stephen Harper. Harper himself has declared that Canada will be a different nation when he is finished with his reign of office. Harper’s background is of a fundamentalist-dominionist Christian ideology that he himself hides reasonably well but which shows up quite frequently in his supporters and in caucus. He is determined to create a domestic order that is ruled by giving freedom to corporations, in alliance with the banksters, to do as they require to harvest the wealth of the country for their own benefit.”

    Which nation will select the next poster-child global Hitler-type threat to unite the “allies” in a war for justice? Maybe they planned the Islamic state as that global terror threat but it is not working in uniting the public with patriotic war fervor…

    • Yeah, Harper is just another psycho in a place of power. He’ll get voted out next election, however, what’s important is to make sure that another sicko doesn’t take his place after that. I am most disappointed in our lost reputation of being a peacekeeping nation, I was proud of that in the past. Now I’m just disgusted in our government.

      It really just strengthens my thought that the elites are in a full court press to see if they can somehow get their NWO, but they will not succeed. I wish I had more power to stop the madness that is occurring right now, too many people are suffering, unfortunately.

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