Injustice: We Are Talking About Lawyers

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wolf disguise
Recall last week we shared the amazing abuse of the legal system that could implicate the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Eric Holder
Dig deeper in the legal system and everywhere one looks professional crime is uncovered.
This is not a surprise, as the fraudulent international monetary system is the root for most, if not all, Institutions on earth.
And consider the U.S. Dollar is the world’s reserve currency of the fraudulent monetary system, then it comes not as a surprise to find fraud in every institution we research. ~Ron

Law Firm CyberSecurity – Both For Compliance, Branding

Cyber_securityLaw firms with financial clients already have had to comply with special cybersecurity procedures. Now that’s being beefed up. As Jennifer Smith and Emily Glazer report in The Wall Street Journal (sub req.):

“Big banks are demanding that their law firms do more to protect sensitive information to ensure that…

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