False Flag Alert: NY Hires Fake Ebola Actors To Run Drills

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Aware People will see through the State Sponsored Terror and similar emergencies to justify implementing forceful compliance on non-compliant “citizens”. A man made weaponized virus with patented treatments and martial law, oh, how convenient.
Please watch the short videos at the bottom that include more documented details. ~Ron
Ebola victim actors in NY

Hospitals hire actors to fake Ebola symptoms

Via: http://www.healthcaredive.com/news/hospitals-hire-actors-to-fake-ebola-symptoms/318086/
By Katie Bo Williams 7 Oct 2014
Dive Brief:

  • To test staff readiness for a possible Ebola patient, public hospitals in New York City have hired actors to feign Ebola-like symptoms in the ER. The fake patients appear only mildly ill and staff must diagnose the virus and follow the appropriate protocols.
  • “If those patients have symptoms and a travel history we would expect them to be isolated within a few minutes in that emergency room,” said the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation’s chief medical office Dr. Ross Wilson. “Then we…

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