The Art Of Resistance

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MAYDAY event
When the conscious effort is made to find the resistance to slavery and tyranny, a pleasure and surprise is experienced from learning that it always was present and is abundantly growing with beautiful diversity.
I have a strong sense that nature is assisting in universal amplification as a fundamental element of Creation, and the People on Earth gain greater Awareness with a shift in consciousness seeking truth and greater awareness.


Develop and exercise your awareness thus shifting your perspective to gain a clearer view

Social Templates vs Free Will


Self-Govern, Freedom is worth it. Self-Govern, Freedom is worth it.


9/11 Lessons From Star Trek

2 freedom-graffiti-paint-truth

Authority Driven Societies, Different Flavors…

The Difference is merely the amount of Force employed.


George was telling the truth

“The TRUTH Is All Around Us”
“The Writing Is On The Wall”
“It’s Written In Stone”

ART and Free Expression

Art can be used to expand consciousness, but it can also be used against us to keep us locked in the control grid.


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