More Questions Surfacing About Vote Rigging Scotland’s Independence Referendum

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As soon as we received the facts that the bankers felt very threatened and exemplified their fears with spoken threats of their own (a “Yes” vote would mean they would move their offices from Scotland) prior to the votes.
Here is an example:
RBS confirms London HQ moveifScotlandvotes ‘Yes’ –

We then reported that the banking cartel has a interest in rigging the votes.
Having experienced vote rigging and elections fraud here in the U.S. the probability of vote rigging during the Scottish referendum is credible indeed.

MOSCOW, September 19 (RIA Novosti) – Russian observers think that Westminster put significant pressure on Scots during the independence referendum on September 18.

Imagine in the near future, a region will declare itself independent of the European Union… ~Ron

18 Sept 2014
Police Probe Scotland Independence ‘Voter Fraud’ Allegations

Brussels Celebrates their Defeat of Scottish…

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13 Responses to “More Questions Surfacing About Vote Rigging Scotland’s Independence Referendum”

  1. I expect the criminal investigation to be misdirected to charge a few voters of voting twice or using false identity, while the big crime is the misplacement or false counting of thousands of “YES” votes…

    I smelled a rat prior to the vote, and I am pleased to see others are posting their suspicions too.
    Similar to the gangsters in the mafia, when the banksters are afraid, then we expect them to act on their fears.

  2. Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

  3. False Flag operations:
    When fear is the tool used to manipulate public opinion to support the governments’ policies and agendas…

    • On a side note, from the video, how does John McCain get away with what he does? He just openly let’s everybody know what a NeoCon, treasonous man he is and nobody says boo about it.

      • Actually many people such you and I have said a lot, however few have levied criminal allegations against him and others in official and executive positions.

        This criminal institutional system, is now self-evident for all who are willing to look.

        • Yeah, “Look dammit, it’s right there in front of you!”

          What do you think of this, if you haven’t seen it…

          No real information added. More or less a statement.

          • No, I Have not seen that blog, taking me awhile to reply to you because I got sidetracked in that link you shared. It contained a link to the C-SPAN video coverage of the U.N.’s security council meeting issue with Iraq-Isis conflicts but I will have devote over an hour to hearing what significance it has…

            I have not found what the links to the banks big event was but I will look further…
            Thanks for sharing this!

            • I’m careful about posting stuff like that anymore, because dates and announcements have let a lot of people down. Also, if it’s coming from the U.N., it’s in question already.

              • I doubt the U.N. will disclose much, unless it reveals the HUGE rift between People’s personal sovereignty and the nation states’ institutional governance model…

                Anyway, I missed the link to the “BREAKING: Global Announcements” point, if there was one concerning the end of the current control system.

                I am keeping lens on the financial summits (G20 soon) and the various secession movements around the world.

  4. At the end of the U.N. security council meeting video 4 hour and 27 or there abouts:
    The Syrian Arab Republic dropped the important statement that terrorists they are fighting also was connected to the September 11 terror in the U.S.

    In that paragraph he also alleged the training of terrorist in countries in the region (Syria’s neighbors); I see that as a disclosure, but is rather mild. Meaning for some reason they, the nation of Syria know some secrets but are still not sharing them with us, the People of the world.

    • It would explain one reason why the US Inc. would be after them. They go to extreme lengths to keep a lid on 9/11, but they also don’t realize that there is enough evidence out there, that they should just admit and get it over with.

      I feel a truth Tsunami coming…

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