Scotland Referendum A “Real” Close Call?

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Only if you consider vote rigging by the institutions…
The institutions are showing their deep fears that Scotland may become independent of their controls.
I have compiled, below, a few more reports that reveals institutional fears. ~Ron

David Cameron said that the British government was not making contingency plans for the possibility of Scottish independence… –

Why not?
Could it be because they “KNOW” some big secret?

Scots will vote forindependence on Sept. 18, 2014.
Will this vote be clean of rigging and dirty politics; and isn’t that a silly question?

Scots won’t be bullied, Salmond says

First Minister Alex Salmond

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond says the Scottish people will not be “bullied” by oil companies or London in relation to their independence campaign.

Salmond made the comment on Saturday, amid the No camp lunching an intense campaign aimed at dissuading the Scottish people from voting yes in…

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2 Responses to “Scotland Referendum A “Real” Close Call?”

  1. Would not be a surprise if the vote tally is recorded as a “no” and the independence vote fails…

    I would see that referendum failure as further momentum for People’s awareness to increase and seek true personal sovereignty.
    The success of the “yes” referendum would be a surprise, but encumbered with a plethora of institutional problems with past commitments and agreements.


    • Yes, the Cabal appears very worried about this one. I’ve been keeping an eye on it as much as I can at the moment, which is difficult.

      I have no stake in it at all, accept the day to day hope that personal sovereignty wins the day in any battle of this sort..

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