Institutions Starting a Water Fight?

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cisternThe Ongoing Financial Crisis
The taxes, fees, and cost of living continues to skyrocket along with governments’ lavish spending on embassies, pork-barrel bureaucracy, and perpetual wars.
The current government debt, reported from the U.S. government Treasury, is $17.6 Trillion dollars and rising.
Governments have become the economy, whereas the economies were once driven by small businesses and mom & pop stores.
Corporate-governments own (or sold to foreign entities) everything and their fees are increasing.
Homeland security taxes, property taxes, water, insurance, and other hidden taxes & fees are bleeding the people into poverty.
In most municipalities a water fight is brewing…
Do you have your portable water filtration system operational?
If so get your buckets ready for a walk to the local river or collect rainwater. ~Ron
17 Trillion USA Treasury Debt

Oh, So Free Water Is Next?

2014-07-22 06:15 by Karl Denninger
Sounds like a good claim, right?

On Friday, July 18…

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One Response to “Institutions Starting a Water Fight?”

  1. I know of a few popular “alternative media” individuals that are self-proclaimed conservatives, or patriots, or some other “LABEL” that often share some facts about government abuses, yet fail to make the connection that sustainable communities need not be “for profit corporations”.
    For profit, and Not for profit need not be at war with each other.
    It is a choice.
    Karl is good at arithmetic and accounting “number crunching”, but his beliefs and “self-proclaimed conservatism” and labels cloud his research, commentary, and perspective while dividing the people into convenient scapegoating and conflicts that fits well with the ruling elite’s political strategy of divide & conquer. Others in the “alternative media” internet presence are doing this too, as they identify with tea-party or occupy-wall-street, or demonize some other group of people.

    Karl typed: “claimed to be ten grand in arrears for water bills. How the hell does that happen — did you not pay the bill for 20 years? It sure sounds like it!”.

    My personal experiences with this service billing is: when I was a month late, the water was turned off!
    So that HUGE water bill is an anomaly and far more likely to be a business account or a policy change that is back-dated…
    In other words these municipalities have been seen making new policies that charge additional fees and sometimes are post-dated to include past decades in additional charges and taxes.
    I thought about boycotting the water fees I receive because it is now too expensive and the new charges, including the unwanted and challenged “homeland security” taxes were added without my consent.
    The corporate-governments make & CHANGE rules and policies whenever they want to address their revenue needs, and in the extreme cases when homeowners decide to stop service, then new criminal codes are enforced against those “radical” homeowners!
    Want to grow food-gardens in your yard? You will be penalized as a criminal.
    Want to live on your personal electrical power-sources at home? Then you will be penalized as a criminal.
    Now, the homeowners want to stop their water services?
    You know what comes next…

    I imagine if I turned the water valves off to my home and used in ground tanks for my needs that several things would occur, among them:
    *the $ billing would continue, even though notice to stop services have been sent.
    *eventually I will be visited by law enforcement…
    *Legal complaints will follow…

    Karl really has missed the true issue with municipal water services.
    Perhaps the day is approaching when more communities will be off-grid and the tax boycotts will be popular again.
    That appears inevitable as the path the institutions are on continue unabated.
    I imagine Karl will smile when he learns I already have my water bucket and water filters at hand prepared to walk to the local river if needed.

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