CHEERS To DIY’ers, Craftsmen, and Innovative People!

Awesome idea! I think I may talk to my neighbours here, maybe incorporate and community food garden also. Thanks Ron

Ronmamita's Blog

2 Free thought
A job, or bank loan, or a school education is not required.
Imagination, creativity and innovation are innate skills and the People on Earth can determine to simply “Do It Yourself“.
Not relying on governments, banks and other institutions’ support.
The solution and remedy will come from the creative People on Earth.
We, the People on Earth are the next step and beyond, Cheers! ~Ron

Makerspaces: More Than a Fad

Source: LocalOrg
July 10, 2013 (LocalOrg)- Make Magazine describes a makerspace as a “gym where you get a membership to use the equipment.” That equipment ranges from everything including basic hand and power tools, to machining equipment and 3D printers. Some makerspaces even serve as springboards for DIYbio labs that give the public access to the tools and techniques required to measure, detect, and alter the environment around us on a molecular level.
Image: Mackerspaces…

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