Another Devious Plan By Bankers

Ronmamita's Blog

How to devalue and totally control national currencies?
Insert a computer code into the currency and devalue the worth electronically.
Or even more effectively, stop issuing paper/plastic currency and implement a government mandate to have all money in electronic, cashless form.
When viewed with this knowledge that the banks want a cashless society for greater ease in currency controls, then I think bankers are likely to wish for the fad of crypto currencies to catch on so that when the government mandates the acceptance of their electronic currency (crypto currency) everyone will accept it.
Have they already implemented their plan and new rules?
Keep in mind their goal to get every penny of tax; why would they want to ask you to pay them when they can simply take it electronically?
By now you should be aware that the institutions are untrustworthy. Thus what ever they are offering then the…

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