Advancing Collective Imagination and Innovation

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Below is a small collection of discussions that everyone can share to stimulate creativity and solutions to the current challenges the People on Earth are facing today. ~Ron

Rediscovering IMAGINATION

Yes, many People are sharing awareness and facing ridicule or scornful jokes because it contradicts the established norms.
Our stories must be told in contrast to his-stories (“history”) for a real change that replaces the current meme (false reality) of control and authority.
The real change is from within, as Aware People embrace their personal sovereignty.

I look forward to sharing more of “Ourstories” in the Global Dialogue of Awareness and shift of consciousness.
Already I am heartened by the number of “ourstories” I have posted over the years, and the many I did not re-post for whatever reason.
As many influential individuals and groups intend to “RESET” this flawed system in hopes of returning…

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