Sorting through the Rumors & Disinformation

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What I find most disturbing is the threatening and extreme rhetoric attributed to Senator Harry Reid from the commercial media concerning the Cliven Bundy Legal complaint with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Because Reid’s threats escalates the dangerous tensions between the militarized government agencies and the sovereign People. Examples: here and here
Please make a commitment to sharing the facts as best you can, as this may save lives.
Discernment is challenging even without the massive disinformation that exists.
Efforts such as by stormcloudgathering, Corbett Report, and many others are much appreciated. ~Ron

Was Harry Reid involved in the Bundy Ranch Debacle?

Posted 21 April 2014

The purpose of this video is to sort through the tangled web of information and rumors circulating regarding the questions of corruption and Harry Reid’s involvement in the Bundy Ranch showdown. We will also address an error in our…

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