Russian Article from 2008: Obama’s Plan to Start World War 3 in the Crimea, Ukraine!

2 Responses to “Russian Article from 2008: Obama’s Plan to Start World War 3 in the Crimea, Ukraine!”

  1. Before the ((McCain v Obama)) Presidential election the Crimea-Ukraine conflict was called out regardless if resulted from McCain or Obama…
    That tells me that my hunch and suspicions are likely correct:
    both the Russian Federation and the Western Bloc have staged and agreed to a deal over Ukraine region.
    …”heck I would not be surprised if the Russian federation and the Western Bloc had a hidden agenda agreeing to split Ukraine (West and East) to EU and Russian spheres of influence!
    Now they could not televise that deal and expect the people of the world to simply go along with arbitrarily selling of a sovereign nation without a global outcry, right?”

    Plans within plans…
    Perhaps when enough of the People on Earth are Aware of this global matrix of control the plans will crumble and fall apart as the distrust is too high and authority is rejected.

    • I find it incredibly tough to remain calm, every time I hear that reality is even more bullshit than it already was. The world is completely theatre now and nothing more.

      Just assume that anything getting coverage on MSM is totally false and not what they say it is. Everything!

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