How To Get Away With Murder, Theft, and Fraud?

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Simply control the government!

Central bankers, HSBC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs’ and  other elite executives are privy to this protection racket, in my opinion.
Hidden in plain sight are the greatest criminals sitting in the tallest structures in the world, they control the most powerful gangs in the world, and they rob the world of all resources.
Institutional control allows them to steal and kill with impunity.

Question institutions and their officials for they are untrustworthy. ~Ron

Jeffrey Lewis: The mainstream grapples with the last manipulated asset class

A well-trained financial journalist would require no more than 15 minutes to grasp the facts of manipulation of the monetary metals markets, Silver Coin Investor proprietor Jeffrey Lewis writes, marveling at the off-kilter reports about such manipulation that have begun creeping into mainstream financial publications. The documentation, such as that collected by GATA, is, Lewis notes, overwhelming. His commentary is…

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15 Responses to “How To Get Away With Murder, Theft, and Fraud?”

  1. Talking about untrustworthy institutions, here is the latest discussion from PhD. Jim Willie:
    Dr. Jim Willie-Russia and China Gold Standard – Dramatic U.S.Dollar Decline in 3 Years

    • Just listened to this after lunch.

      Do you know anything about Ukraine’s gold being taken out of the country and flown to the US? The Blaze was reporting this…

      Also, Poofness newsletter, by ZAP, was saying that the banking changes are already happening, Basel III, RV, GCR ect… Said that all funds were released and signed off on.

      I haven’t seen any flying purple pigs myself yet.

      • ZAP Also said that his sources are saying the the USD Gold-Backed Treasury Note will be announced and released this week, if not today.

        • A Gold-Backed Treasury Note would be a bombshell news report, I imagine many people would exchange their federal reserve notes (FRNs), unless an alternative is available. Until a treasury note is available it is only rumor.


          These rumors may turn out to become true, until then I can only do what resonates with me.

          • That’s the tough part, it resonates with me as the proper steps to take, however, these rumours have been going on so long, sometimes you feel like it’s a moving target and will never happen. Like we’re all being led to pasture.

            All the Nesara based news is wonderful, however I can’t tell whether it’s fantasy land or connected to the White Hats in government that are working for the benefit of humanity.

            Very frustrating at times.

            • Hmm… if those rumors become reality then I will have a decision to make, until then I treat them as an unfounded rumor.
              Local complementary currencies, food gardens, emergency supplies & plans, and other creative alternatives or collaborative efforts are what resonates with me.
              I am aware that I am among the minority of the minority alternative community.
              The financial reset is a real plan as it is seriously considered among both the wealthy, and the want to be wealthy, the gold-backed reset has happened in the past, and it could be a helpful transition to the alternative new paradigm (away from scarcity value model and Precious Metals).
              However, I choose to focus on the goal of personal sovereignty, abolishing slavery, usury and fractional reserve banking as tools perpetuating debt-slavery.
              Resetting that gold-backed system with usury and fractional reserve banking is what those rumors support, even as it is often unstated.
              The current matrix (global monetary system of CONTROL) arose from that gold backed system, it only took a global war and less than three decades to degrade to the current condition.
              This short paragraph is not an attempt to sway your thoughts but only a very brief comment of what resonates with personal sovereignty for every individual.

              What does storing gold in large prison-vaults accomplish?
              Perhaps both Gold and People need to be free on Earth?

              • I don’t think we’re too far off with our ideology. I too strongly strive for sovereignty for all, it’s the only way.

                As far as the ‘value’ goes, I think we both agree that value is within us, our being, our creativity. But until humanity can get to a point where we no longer need currency, I believe it should be coined in gold, silver and copper or another metal.

                I would absolutely love to be off the grid totally, even part of a smaller community, however, it’s not within my immediate future. I do the little things and push in that direction all the time and support others that do and want to.

                More than the financial change, I believe the spiritual change has to happen first, no? Things will work themselves after, when humanity finally gets what is going on and what we have to do for the good of everybody.

      • Keeping up with the many gold bullion rumors and secrets is stressful, for me (I tried for a period and it is a full time effort that is a minefield), and difficult – if not impossible – to verify without firsthand knowledge. The gold allocation will reveal itself when the fallout and ripples from that fallout manifests in reports of bankruptcies and interest & Bond payment defaults, or more widely as markets collapse…

        Ukraine has already reported their new government is bankrupt, thus I would not be surprised if they no longer have any gold reserves…

        The money cartel’s musical chairs will reveal itself when the music stop playing and some nation states will be without a seat.
        This is usually the spoils of war but hopefully this time enough of the public will not go along with this script…

  2. You stated: “But until humanity can get to a point where we no longer need currency, I believe it should be coined in gold, silver and copper or another metal.”

    The reset plan does not call for gold coinage again.
    The plan is a “reset” of the fractional reserve banking.
    Even if the U.S. Treasury returned to issuing silver or gold backed notes it would be fractional reserve banking and not precious metals coinage.
    This is the crucial point and vital distinction.
    None of the plans to reset the economic system is proposing PM coinage!
    If silver and gold coinage was implemented then the cabal (and money cartel) would lose much leverage and control over the markets, China, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK and US (G20) will not allow PM coinage to be the legal tender currency again.
    They are proposing paper currency and discussing the possibility of a 10% (or other percentage) gold reserve backing the issuance of their legal paper at the institutional level…
    The human capital (citizens) must remain managed and marginalized on the national slave farms. The Global Order of governance and commercial law will be maintained.
    This is why the “reset” does not resonate with personal sovereignty and is not an alternative system.
    It is merely a reset of the current system with less debt (written off loans or forgiven debt to the victors) and could be viewed as the earlier version of the current system, as in 1970 prior to Nixon removing the world’s reserve currency off the gold-backed agreement (recall even in 1970 you could not redeem your FRNs for any gold or silver, only the sovereign nations could)…

    Hopefully this clears up what I was saying earlier.

    • Yeah, I understand that gold and silver coinage is not what they want, it’s simply what I want. I was talking about my own personal feelings about currency in general. I would like to see coinage of silver and gold again for the very reasons you state, to take control away from the banking industry and the crooks.

      There is no doubt that the system needs to change and leverage in any way close to usury, slavery and fractional reserve banking needs to be completely abolished and never be brought up again.

      If Heather’s documents could be enforced, she took care of all the legal/ spiritual shackles in writing them in my opinion. I see no other way around it, than arresting all the evil cabal and dealing with them, whatever that looks like.

      • Now you are talking with powerful clarity.
        Abolishing slavery (debt bondage, etc.), usury, and fractional reserve banking is vital.
        How that unfolds is unclear…

        Thus I shall continue to be focused, sharing this clarity to all, on abolishing slavery, usury, and fractional reserve banking whilst simultaneously supporting alternatives to nurture personal sovereignty.

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