High Finance Trend: More Dead

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An unusual trend is unfolding with the unexpected deaths (reported as suicides) of financial professionals. The global financial collapse (some call it crisis or currency reset) is slowly revealing more alarming events as the financial system continues to crumble. ~Ron

Russell Investments’  Mike Dueker – Chief Economist Russell Investments Russell Investments’ chief economist found dead in Tacoma
The Associated Press January 30, 2014

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5 Responses to “High Finance Trend: More Dead”

  1. Happy greetings SOT, may you be in joy and good health.
    I am happy you have returned to re-blogging, I had noticed your absence with concern for you.

    Thank you for being here,

    LOVE and Peace
    (The DIY project)

    • No, just taking a little time to clear the head, rest my back and focus on a couple of other endeavors. Call it a vacation or sabbatical.

      Thanks for the concern, it was hard to actually stay away!

      I actually have no idea what has been going on for the last two weeks, so it will be great to get updated. Planning to slide back to also posting more of my own content depending upon my own experience.

      Peace and Abundance to you Ron, thank you also for being there.

  2. Hmm… You stopped posting January 16, 2014, and the usual has continued with institutional regulated fraud, abuse, and the slow global financial collapse.
    However a few promising trends are:
    *Record-High 42% of Americans Identify as Independents
    *70% Of Americans Have “No Faith” In Government

    8 states are attempting to ban NSA spying ops, Tenn. is proposing the strongest measures…

    Global protests continues…(various regions) so does banning free speech.

    The bad trends of monetizing the government’s debt, war mongering, and state sponsored terror continues…

    Pres Obama prods Congress to legislate mandatory workers’ retirement funds be confiscated to buy treasury bonds (as other nations are fleeing the U.S. treasuries) in state of the union speech threatens to use exec. Order and do it soon. Blatant evidence government funding problems is critical.

    I found Christine Lagarde’s IMF speech intriguing because she “obeys orders” and year 2014 is a very important and magical year, as in numerology magic 7…

    Santos Bonacci was Jailed in Australia…

    The above were activities I found interesting and I am looking for communities that are creating alternatives (alternative energy, currencies, and food); happy researching!

    • Thanks for the update Ron… So same ol’ tyranny?

      I think I told you, but I live in Northern Ontario Canada and we’re getting slammed with snow the last while, so most of my time has been moving it out of my driveway, when I’m not slaving away to pay the bills.

      I hope that damn groundhog has good news this week!!!

      Thanks again Ron.

  3. Flippin’ Ground Hog!!!


    I guess humanity’s collective denial is still ongoing. Polar Vortex be damned!

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