Sound Healing – Singing with the Uni_Verse



Our consciousness creates the notes but our body(s) are the instruments! Take care of both and enjoy your Divine music!

You are a song. Divine Music that defines your particular notes is constantly emitted by your being. Your movements, thoughts, words, feelings and emotions create waves in and around your physical body. And the waves are huge. Cause you are huge, in truth.

Your music creates colors and shades of different light-spectrums, the speed at which you’re vibrating at any given moment… creates seas of rainbows… or shadows.

Shadows emerge when light is all absorbed and not reflected back. It’s all eaten up, in forgetfulness that only by co-creating LIFE is enhanced. That is what creates the perceived darkness. Compressed light. Those waves do not vibrate in balance and harmony, they are disrupted by fear, anger, loneliness, lack of ability to feel (reflect) Love.

Good vibrations create harmony and health…

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