GATA: We Are Doing Our Best To Liberate Planet Earth

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This video was originally posted on Feb 21, 2011

Chris Powell: Market manipulations largely a government operation usually through intermediaries, investment houses (institutional investors)… documents show U.S. policy for many decades.
Lawrence Summers (Harvard Professor of Economics) in 1988 wrote: The price of gold is an enormous determinant, not only in the value of currencies, but of the level of interest rates and the value of government bonds.
…government massaging the information that reaches the public so that the public gets a false impression… this is government power, central bank power… either gold would be their master or they would be gold’s master.

Interview between GATA’s Chris Powell and James Turk

James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation and founder of GoldMoney, interviews GATA’s Secretary/Treasurer Chris Powell. The 34-minutes interview, recently shot in London, offers deep insights into the workings of the gold market. Chris discloses in detail all of…

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