Regulations: HFT, CISPA, and Internet Controls are ‘REALLY’ For Public Safety…

Thanks Ron, I believe the Internet is our most valuable tool right now and must be protected at all costs. When you wrap it all up with the financial market theft, this smells like a set up! “We’ll save you from those corrupt bankers, but it will cost you your internet freedoms and liberty”

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Reported two years ago, 09/01/2011
“Reuters reports that U.S. securities regulators have “taken the unprecedented step of asking high-frequency trading firms to hand over the details of their trading strategies, and in some cases, their secret computer codes.” As everyone knows, the only thing of value within the sub-penny scalping HFT universe are the odd nuances in computer code. Which is why its supreme and undisputed secrecy is sacrosanct. As soon as anyone, especially a regulator, has a whiff of understanding how any given algorithm works, it becomes the equivalent of collapsing the wave function: observing the HFT theft-scalping duality in action eliminates the Schrodinger equation associated with any simplistic algo and collapses its “wave function” to a worthless series of ones and zeros.” – ZeroHedge

High Frequency Trading – Regulators Seek Secret HFT Codes

ZeroHedge was correct to be alarmed, but may have failed to guess…

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