OBAMA: A Strike On Syria Would ‘Absolutely’ Be Off If Syria Gives Up Its Chemical Weapons

So, Obama gets his chance to save face and get out out. Does he take it? There’s been a whole lot of backtracking going on lately huh? Be honest, who didn’t see this coming? Wait until the citizen backlash….


Said he hadn’t made up his mind about Strikes if the Congress vote NO.

Obama in his interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace

By Brett Logiurato, BusinessInsider

President Barack Obama said Monday that he would “absolutely” put plans for strikes on Syria on hold if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave up control of his country’s chemical weapons.

“Absolutely — if, in fact, that happens,” Obama said in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, which was one of six interviews he gave at the White House on Monday.

Obama’s comments came after a day of unexpected developments in the Syria situation that signaled a potentially dramatic shift in course on Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry first made what appeared to be an offhand remark in London early Monday, suggesting that Syria could potentially avoid a U.S. attack if it handed over “every single bit of his chemical weapons” to the…

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