Mary Croft: Common Law, Sovereignty and Admiralty Law

From Spartan of Truth

I’m re-introducing Mary Croft to you, based on an increased interest in Common Law, sovereignty, Admiralty Law and how the Powers That Think They Are, keep us in slavery. Mary shows us how things are supposed to work and how we let the slave traders trick us into bondage.

I’ve searched for YouTube videos of Mary Croft, but have only been able to locate one, it’s an interview she did with Red Ice Creations Radio. There’s some valuable information here and well worth the time to listen to all of the interview.

Here are the videos…

I hope this information helps those who have questions about some of these foreclosures and debt problems they may find themselves in. Dealing with the court system when you are not in the know about what they are doing, is a daunting task and fairly intimidating. Mary Croft more resembles an educator with an amazing heart. She has a way of explaining things that make you feel as if it’s Mom, keeping us safe and aware of the dangers out there.

I’m sure others that haven’t heard of Mary, but are aware of the issues, will be glad to see there is another in the long line of white knights that work to help us out of slavery.

You can find her blog Spiritual Economics Now, it’s a great read on a daily basis, but also serves as a great resource for information. She has a great e-book that she has written, I’ve read it and feel it pulls a lot of this difficult truth into perspective.

You can download it from her blog site, or via this link here, How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man

Thanks Mary…..

Spartan of Truth

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