Revolution Update: Ron Paul Minnesota

So Ron Paul sweeps Minnesota to the tune of 32 0f the 40 available delegates! Got to love it if you’re a Ron Paul supporter, now it’s off to Texas to do the same. I’ll remind people that there is still a moneybomb going on for Ron Paul, which is provided in my last update yesterday.

Here is RT on Minnesota…

Ron Paul is still very much in the race, his continued support is needed to keep the revolution alive and well, whether it is financially, with your vote or both, please get out and be part of the process.

Ron Paul is continuing to cause a stir in the Republican party. He is now creating debate as to the future of the GOP as a whole in my opinion and rightfully so. Hopefully, this message is going to bring about exposure to the way anti-establishment view his points and to help get the fraud that is going on in the media, the voting centers and state caucuses out in the open for public debate.

I’ll update this post today with other viewpoints and news as the day goes on.

Spartan of Truth

UPDATE: On the voter fraud I have been talking about. Doug Mead covers this…

Romney Fraud at Arizona GOP convention

“They took a bunch of our winners off and then stuck on a bunch of their losers.  At first they had a total of 58 elected, most of them were ours. Then it all turned.”  –  Shawn Dow, Ron Paul State Coordinator.

According to many sources, Ron Paul supporters won a clean democratic majority of the delegates at the recent Arizona State GOP convention but Mitt Romney had an advantage that in the end the Ronulans could not match.  Romney had Nathan Sproul,  a political operative who was famously accused of voter registration fraud during the last election cycle.


“Accused of massive voter registration fraud in several states.”

More on voter registration fraud.

“Team Bush paid millions to Nathan Sproul and then tried to hide it.”

Remember, the Ron Paul forces were ready to give a majority of the delegates to the Mitt Romney campaign.  Nathan Sproul rejected that offer.  (See Arizona victory.)  Why accept a gift if you can wait and take it violently later? Continue Reading Here…

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