Ron Paul supporters break through and win again!
Fresh story from Doug Wead..
Spartan of Truth

Doug Wead

In a repeat of Iowa, where a Mitt Romney State Chairman held up accurate results of the vote for weeks, the  Arizona State Convention has gone into overtime.  Ballots are supposedly locked up, waiting to be counted “tomorrow.”  But citizens and journalists on the floor had no trouble discerning that Ron Paul forces had seized the day and if the vote is fair, he will likely win the majority of delegates from Arizona to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

If the victory in Arizona proves true, and remember, there is a tantalizing and suspicious delay, will it mean that Ron Paul has won the right to be nominated on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Tampa?  There is some controversy on that.  The Arizona delegates are supposed to be bound on the first ballot, although that didn’t stop some of them from voting for Pat Buchanan in 1992.   It isn’t over yet…

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